About Us

Welcome to Clean Medical Marijuana Vaporizers

As physicians working with Medical Marijuana patients, we have come to realize how important it is for people with health concerns to avoid the extra irritation of smoke. Edibles and topicals are our first preference for patients, but they can be a little expensive, and they can take longer to kick in, up to one and a half hours.

While inhaling can be a problem, it is a strong, quick way to get the medical plant components. Also, using extracts are too expensive for most patients. Extracts come with their own problems, such as the possibility of inhaling solvents like butane. Even inhaling too much propylene glycol can be irritating. We prefer patients to use natural, unadulterated medicinal plants whenever possible.

We put up this site to help patients find TRUE vaporizers, not the “Atomizers” which are no different from smoking. You will spend a little more for a real Vaporizer, but the higher quality of the experience and reduction of harm is so great that if you plan to inhale cannabis medications at all, we strongly recommend that you invest in a a real Vaporizer. All of the vaporizers here have been examined by our physicians. They pass the following criteria:

  • No direct combustion of the medicinal plants.
  • All medical quality components: No plastic or electronic components between the heater and the patient’s lungs, with the occasional exception of medical grade plastic or silicone mouthpieces. We more highly recommend those without the plastic or silicone at all!
  • We will do our best to recommend vaporizers that allow you to control temperature settings. This can be useful for those who are using the cannabis for medical concerns and want to minimize the psychoactive components. For example, THC can be evaporated off at 158C (315F) while CBD must be heated to 160-180C / 320-356F to evaporate. Patients who are trying to avoid the effect of THC can set the temperature to 315F and not inhale the vapor, then increase the temperature to 365F to collect the CBD and CBN parts of the plant.
  • We recognize that patients with serious medical conditions have to watch every penny. We consider cost and value when we make recommendations.