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Da Buddha is an economical, yet top-performing desktop vaporizer from 7th Floor.

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Da Buddha is an economical, yet top-performing desktop vaporizer from 7th Floor. Featuring the same superior craftsmanship found in the Silver Surfer, every Da Buddha vaporizer is designed and assembled in the USA. Da Buddha utilizes a highquality ceramic heatin element and glass-onglass components for optimal vapor production.

The Da Buddha Black Vap is a robust piece, composed largely of acrylic and a solid aluminum casing which has undergone a vigorous refining process to ensure both build quality and durability. The casing houses a state of the art ceramic heating mechanism which is completely enclosed from the rest of the unit’s components, this heating component is capable of exceeding temperatures of 250 degrees Centigrade! This smokeless system really lets you enjoy your vaping.

The temperature dial placement and the hands-free connection allow maximum ease of use, both for vaping and the diffusion of scented oils. This wonderful piece comes in two colors (black & silver) and can be characterized by the little Buddha logo which can be found on both the unit itself and it’s storage bag

How it Works

Turn on Da Buddha and set to your desired temperature. Once temperature has been reached, load finely ground blends into glass wand and connect to the glass heater cover. Begin to draw at a medium to fast pace for best results.


For best functionality, be sure to clean and maintain Da Buddha regularly. All glass components can be soaked in isopropyl alcohol. Replace stainless steel screens and whip tubing often for best vapor.

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