Return Policy

WHAT can be returned?WHEN do items need to be returned by?

Products  which still are sealed and undamaged can be returned within 10 business days and you will be refunded for the product.

Heat Sensitive Shipping Policy

Products requiring shipment in a cool environment (perishable and frozen items) are subject to special shipping procedures due to their sensitive nature to ensure customers receive products in good condition. Heat sensitive products ordered after 6:30 pm Thursday and before 6:30 pm on Friday will be shipped out Monday when Overnight delivery is requested. Heat sensitive items are not eligible for return credit.

Upon request, we will email you a USPS PDF Shipping label to print and attach to the appropriate packaging of your choice or the original packaging.

WHERE do items need to be returned to?

Items will be returned via the shipping label. They must be brought to a Post office, USPS approved office, or picked up by your local route mail carrier. You are expected to protect the package from weather extremes until received by the postal service.

The original shipping rates are refundable and we will pay for shipping the return.

We can also provide you with in-store credit which you can use to purchase other products.

Packing materials? Do items need to be in original packaging for returns?

You can pack returns in any appropriate packaging. However, if the packaging does not adequately protect the product and damage occurs (eg. Packaging a glass bottle in a manilla envelope), we will inform you and you will not receive credit.